Federation of Indian Professional Trainers (FIPT), is a non-profit making entity registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. FIPT is established with a sole objective to bring all Professional Trainers (Individuals/Institutions/Firms /Corporate/Others) under a common roof for collective growth of all.


Need of the Hour

Training Industry holds a respectable stand in the developed countries. In India Training is an unorganized and scattered sector giving less importance to the existence of professional trainers.

Indian Training Industry is dominated by Individual Trainers or unregistered Training Firms giving a weak structure to the overall sector. The need of the hour thus calls for a platform that can address to the issue and lay foundations for a better tomorrow.


Our Vision

Indian Professional Trainers and Training Industry to be worlds most preferred and content rich avenue.


Our Approach

Collective growth of business and content, grounded on fairness and strong ethics, by forming strong bondage among the fraternity members. Members would frame the protocols, practices and conventions collectively for standardization and benefit of all.


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